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Jobs That Are Most AND Least Impacted By The Corona Virus

Hi there,

I just came across an interesting analysis from Moodys Analytics on what jobs are the most (and least) impacted by Covid-19.

Take a look:

Obviously, some of these are not that surprising. However, a few categories could give you a window into some potential opportunities for new employment if you've just been laid off.

There was also a helpful article from Forbes that discusses how the virus is going to impact jobscape.

Here's a quote:

The big winners will be the online companies that don't rely upon brick-and-mortar locations, healthcare providers, supermarket chains—especially those with a robust online presence— pharmaceutical companies working on cures for diseases, technology companies and services, such as Zoom, that cater to people working from home. 

Big tech and conglomerate companies will be able to outlast this virus. In fact, some are going into overdrive. For example, Amazon interviews are exploding. We just put out an article on Amazon interview questions to help.

Take care in these trying times,


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