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What are the highest paying jobs you can get with no work experience?

So this ties in with a popular case study we performed over at We found that people were pretty intrigued by our findings our study got shared all over the internet. Pretty cool! (Also gives an insight into how people think haha)

Anyway we found some pretty interesting data. Here's a taste...

Take a look at this infographic:

As you can see, a lot of the lucrative jobs that need little to no work experience are in the healthcare niche. Pharmacists come in at #1 when you match the highest wage with the least work experience needed.

But there's an important caveat!

Pharmacists, must obtain a doctoral degree in Pharmacy (Pharm.D) to enter the workforce, plus have passing grades on the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) and other benchmarks even to be considered. According to the BLS, pharmacist jobs paid the most, on average, and roughly 64% of positions required no work experience.

This was just a part of our case study. We go into a lot more detail (With more fancy charts!)

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